AL DONIA brings together an experienced team of experts in the fields of media, public relations, marketing, public procurement and EU funds. All members of the team have a successful projects and experience in joint work and collaboration on many successful projects.

AL DONIA is the solution for business people
who need the service in:

  • search for potential partners in Poland
  • public relations counseling
  • marketing

REPRESENTATIONWe find your potential business partners in Poland and in Croatia.

The comprehensive professional experience of our team, as well as a very important political and administrative experience, is the point for which AL DONIA is your ideal partner in your business.

PUBLIC RELATIONSCommunicate properly in business and politics

Event the best quality communicators need help occasionally. The "outside the environment" perspective is valuable in identifying goals and focusing on the right track in the forest of your obligations. Our first-hand experience and the whole team standing with our client gives confidence and clear goals.

MarketingFrom idea to performance

We provide clients with the experienced experts with number of projects over the years of their experience, team with extensive project management knowledge and successful marketing communications.